Freshman Leadership Retreat

The Freshman Leadership retreat is perfect for new students looking for an adventurous way to meet new people and get connected to the Arkansas Tech campus. This overnight retreat allows freshmen to make connections with other Tech students interested in becoming a leader. Students participate in activities that give them the opportunity to create a vision of making their mark at Arkansas Tech. Students will participate in low and high ropes activities that challenge and empower them to work as a team and identify their strengths as a leader.

Note: Travel, lodging, meals, and activities are at no cost to the student. The overnight retreat is located in Mt. View, AR. For more information on Loco Ropes, visit

The application for the Fall 2015 retreat will be available during the summer on theLink (log in with OneTech username and password).  For questions, call the Department of Campus Life at 479.968.0276 or email  


Applications due by Monday, September 11 at 5:00 pm.