Freshmen Leadership Experience

The Freshmen Leadership Experience is perfect for new students looking for new students looking for an exciting way to meet new people, gain valuable leadership experience, and get connected to the Arkansas Tech campus. This three-day retreat allows incoming freshmen the opportunity to make connections with fellow Tech students interested in becoming a campus leader. Students will participate in group activities that will give insight into their leadership style and further develop team building and group dynamics.

Note: Travel, lodging, meals, and activities are contingent upon receiving a $50 deposit.  Students who attend will be given their deposit back upon returning from the retreat. The overnight retreat is located in Mt. View, AR. For more information on Loco Ropes, visit their website here.

Retreat Dates:

  • Depart campus on Friday, September 23 at 3:00 pm.
  • Return to campus on Saturday, September 24 by 7:00 pm.



  • In order to secure a spot, a $50 deposit must be paid no later than September 7 at 5:00 pm. in the Student Services Office, Doc Bryan 233.
  • Please note that your spot is not secure until you make your deposit.
  • Students who attend will receive their deposit back at upon the return of the retreat. 

For questions, call the Department of Campus Life at 479.968.0276 or email