Academic Early Warning System - Main Campus

The Academic Early Warning program can assist you by making contact with Main Campus students you believe are at risk due to excessive absences or poor performance.

If you are unable to reach an at risk student, please notify our office as soon as you identify a problem. By contacting at risk students before absences become excessive or assignments are too far behind, we may be able to increase their potential for success, retention, and graduation.

To report an at risk student, please complete the form below, providing a brief description of your attendance policy, as well as any other problems you recognize.

After submitting an Academic Early Warning, you will receive an email confirmation from . An Academic Advisor will attempt to contact each student you report as quickly as possible and will report their findings to you.

This form is designated for assistance with Main Campus students only. For Ozark Campus students, please complete the Academic Early Warning form located in OneTech. It is listed under the Faculty/Advisor tab, in the box labeled Academic Links.

If you experience difficulties submitting this form, please email or to submit the students' information.

For questions about the Academic Early Warning program, please call the Academic Advising Center at 479-964-0843.

If you have a concern about a student (or other individuals) who is displaying behaviors that are concerning, disruptive, alarming, or threatening, please make a referral to the CARE Team. For more information on behaviors that should be reported to the CARE Team as well as information on how to make a report, please visit


Early Warning Report

Poor Attendance
Poor Performance / Grades
Missing Assignments / Quizzes / Exams
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Advice for student (check all that apply):

Attend Tutoring
Contact Instructor
Drop the course to avoid a failing grade
Other-See Comments

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