Roy and Christine Sturgis
Academic Advising Center

Arkansas Tech University is committed to providing its students with the best advising experiences possible. The Sturgis Academic Advising Center is staffed by a team of professional advisors dedicated to guiding Tech's undergraduate students on the pathway to the successful completion of a college degree.

All first-time, incoming freshmen complete their first academic advising appointment and register for classes in the Academic Advising Center (AAC). Beginning Fall 2013, all freshmen (excluding the College of Professional Studies) will continue to be advised by the AAC's professional staff until sixty (60) credit hours are completed. At the completion of 60 credit hours, students will be aided by the AAC advisor in the transition to a faculty advisor.

Students who enter college without having chosen a definite major are usually classified as "undeclared" or "undecided." In many instances, undecided students are those who have so many occupational interests that choosing only one area of study is unappealing. Other undecided students choose to wait to declare a major because they have no definite career goal in mind. A university campus is the best place to be when deciding future career goals, regardless of the scenario that describes each of Tech's unique students. Entering Arkansas Tech University without a definite major in mind is not a reason to be discouraged. There are more than 90 challenging and exciting academic areas at Arkansas Tech to explore, so there is plenty of time to make a decision. For a list of majors and minors, check out the Undergraduate Catalog to start exploring!

Our academic advisors care about each individual student's professional development and successful degree program completion. Building a solid relationship with an academic advisor increases opportunities for success.

Academic Advisors will be MAPPING a Plan to Graduation by:

  • Meeting every semester to assist with class scheduling
  • Assisting with adding/changing or dropping classes
  • Providing advice regarding major and career choices
  • Performing transcript evaluations and degree audits to ensure timely graduation
  • Interpreting and explaining university policies and rules
  • Never being too busy to answer questions
  • Guidance through freshman and sophomore years until the transition to a faculty advisor in the department of each student's major for the final phase of your academic career is complete

Other students who should visit:

  • New or transfer students seeking general information about Tech
  • Any student who wants to know more about a particular major
  • Students who are having difficulty with a class or want to discuss how classes are progressing
  • Anyone who needs information about university policies or deadlines
  • Any student who has a question or wants to talk to someone who cares

Mission Statement

The Academic Advising Center at Arkansas Tech University is committed to providing our students with the necessary guidance and resources to facilitate educational, personal, and professional growth that will lead to the successful completion of a degree program. Sensible academic advising, dedicated to nurturing scholastic development, integrity, and professionalism, promotes the objectives of this University to provide a solid educational foundation for life-long learning to a diverse community of learners. We believe interaction and cooperation with one of our knowledgeable advisors will make the transition into collegiate life a success and set students on a path to achieve their intellectual and career goals.

"Of all the challenges that both faculty and students choose to mention, providing or obtaining good academic advising ranks number one." (Dr. Richard Light. The Power of Good Advice for Students; The Chronicle of Higher Education.)


Roy and Christine Sturgis Academic Advising Center
106 West O Street, Suite 107
Russellville AR 72801
(479) 964-0843 Fax (479) 890-8091

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