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Courses Index


Code Description
(1ATU) New Student Orientation
(ACCT) Accounting
(AGBU) Agricultural Business/Economic
(AGED) Agricultural Education
(AGLE) Agricultural Leadership
(AGPM) Agricultural Pest Management
(AGAS) Agriculture Animal Science
(AGEG) Agriculture Engr/Mechanization
(AGPS) Agriculture Plant Science
(AGSS) Agriculture Soil Science
(AHS) Allied Health Science
(AMST) American Studies
(ANTH) Anthropology
(ART) Art
(BAS) Bachelor of Applied Science
(BIOL) Biology
(BUAD) Business Administration
(BDA) Business Data Analytics
(BLAW) Business Law
(CHEM) Chemistry
(CHIN) Chinese
(COMM) Communication
(CM) Communication Courses
(SP) Communication Courses
(COMS) Computer/Information Science
(CJ) Criminal Justice
(CSEC) Cybersecurity
(DE) Driver Education
(ECE) Early Childhood Education (AS)
(ECED) Early Childhood Education (BS)
(ECON) Economics
(EDFD) Educational Foundations
(EDMD) Educational Media
(ELEG) Electrical Engineering
(ELED) Elementary Education
(EAM) Emergency Admin/Mgmt
(ENGL) English
(ENVS) Environmental Science
(FIN) Finance
(FAH) Fine Arts/Humanities
(FW) Fisheries Wildlife Science
(FR) French
(GAME) Game/Interactive Media Design
(GEBL) General Educ Biological Scienc
(GEBO) General Educ Biological Scienc
(GEPE) General Educ Physical Activity
(GEPO) General Educ Physical Science
(GEPS) General Educ Physical Science
(GELB) General Educ Science Lab
(GESS) General Educ Social Science
(GEUS) General Educ US History
(GEFA) General Education Fine Art
(GEHM) General Education Humanities
(GESP) General Education Speech
(GEOG) Geography
(GEOL) Geology
(GER) German
(HLED) Health Education
(HIM) Health Information Management
(HES) Health and Exercise Science
(HIST) History
(HONR) Honors Program
(HA) Hospitality Administration
(HUM) Humanities
(INFT) Information Technology
(IPBL) Interdisciplinary Studies
(JPN) Japanese
(JOUR) Journalism
(LAT) Latin
(LEAD) Leadership
(LBMD) Library Media
(MGMT) Management
(MKT) Marketing
(MATH) Mathematics
(MCEG) Mechanical Engineering
(MLS) Medical Laboratory Science
(MEDT) Medical Technology
(MLED) Middle Level Education
(MS) Military Science ROTC
(MUSM) Museum
(MUS) Music
(NUMT) Nuclear Medicine Technology
(NUR) Nursing
(NURN) Nursing for Registered Nurses
(OL) Organizational Leadership
(GEOR) Orientation
(PHIL) Philosophy
(PE) Physical Education
(PHSC) Physical Science
(PHYS) Physics
(POLS) Political Science
(PLA) Prior Learning Assessment
(PS) Professional Studies
(PSY) Psychology
(RDNG) Reading
(RP) Recreation/Park Administration
(RS) Rehabilitation Science
(SCIL) Science with Laboratory
(SEED) Secondary Education
(SFHS) Soc Sci/Fine Art/Hum/Comm
(SFAH) Social Sci/Fine Art/Humanities
(SS) Social Sciences
(SOC) Sociology
(SPAN) Spanish
(SPED) Special Education
(SPH) Speech
(STAT) Statistics
(SA) Study Abroad/Study Away
(TH) Theatre
(USHG) U. S. History/Government
(VOBE) Vocational Business Education
(WS) Wellness Science