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Agricultural Education

AGED 1001: Introduction to Agricultural Education

Freshman orientation with attention given to sharing of possible solutions to individual problems. Exploration of anticipated collegiate experiences for departmental majors as well as post- graduation opportunities. Student and faculty interaction is stressed.

The class meets one day a week for the full semester or two days a week for half a semester.

AGED 1013: Agricultural Youth Organizations

A comprehensive introduction to student organizations in agriculture and career and technical education, including 4-H and FFA. Special attention is given to topics related to membership, benefits, awards, and special recognition programs. Supervised agricultural experience programs are also addressed.

AGED 2104: Introduction to Agricultural Systems Technology

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

The purpose of this course is for the student to develop an understanding of, and be able to apply, the basic principles utilized in agricultural mechanization with emphasis in the areas of structures, power and machinery, electricity, and agricultural surveying and land measurement. Discussion of the role mechanics plays in agriculture, as well as future roles is included.

$100 course fee.

AGED 2203: Applied Agricultural Systems Technology

Prerequisite: AGED 2104

This course is designed to prepare secondary Arkansas agriculture teachers to apply agricultural systems technology in the laboratory. Content areas include safe practices in the laboratory, metalworking, woodworking, internal combustion engines, electrical wiring, tractor mechanics, paint & preservation.

$100 course fee.

AGED 3033: Philosophy and Foundations of Program Development

Prerequisite: AGED 1013 or consent of instructor.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the historical and philosophical foundations of Agricultural Education programs. Based on this foundation, the course will prepare pre-service teachers for the job and responsibility of developing a local program and curriculum that incorporates local, national and international agricultural policy issues as they relate to lecture and discussion on issues related to the global food, fiber, and natural resource system.

AGED 4033: Curriculum Design and Assessment

Prerequisite: AGED 3033 or consent of instructor

This course is designed to prepare pre-service educators for the responsibility of developing philosophical approaches, designing curricular programs, planning for effective instruction, and assessing student performance. Students will be expected to communicate effectively through both written and verbal presentation of information.

AGED 4044: Methods in Teaching Agriculture

Prerequisite: AGED 4033 or consent of instructor.

Instructional methodology course focused on teaching approaches and methods, problem-solving teaching techniques, and managing learning environments for teaching agriculture subjects in formal and non-formal educational settings.

$50 course fee.