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MKT 3043: Principles of Marketing

Prerequisites: ECON 2013.

Marketing fundamentals, understanding the ultimate consumer, the retailing/wholesaling systems, marketing functions, marketing policies and marketing costs, critical appraisal of marketing, and marketing and the government.

MKT 3063: Social Media Marketing

This course examines the force of social media marketing and its place in the marketing process. The advantages and use of particular platforms will be explored, and the use of social media analytics to craft strategy will be examined.

MKT 3083: Retailing and the Virtual Marketplace

Prerequisite: MKT 3043

This course examines the strategies needed to have success in retailing, both traditional and virtual. Retail location, layout, merchandising, and product selection, as well as security, product and placement selection, and the use of websites and social media in the virtual environment will be examined.

MKT 3103: Selling and Sales Management

Prerequisite: MKT 3043

This course examines the theories and practices of effective selling, including customer needs analysis, competitor analysis, product knowledge and sales interaction and presentation skills. The fundamentals of hiring, training, retailing, and managing a professional sales staff will be explored.

MKT 3153: Marketing Research and Analysis

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: (BUAD 2053 or PSY 2053 or STAT 2163) and MKT 3043.

A study of the use of data needed to make marketing decisions, including design, collection and analysis of both primary and secondary data.

MKT 3163: Consumer Behavior

Prerequisites: MKT 3043.

A study of the development of consumer decision making processes and the factors which influence them. Psychological, sociological, economic, cultural, and situational factors are examined. Their impact on marketing formulation, both domestic and international, is emphasized.

MKT 4013: Digital Metrics

Prerequisites: MKT 3043 and MKT 3153

This course contains advanced methods of collecting and using data, including search engine optimization using analytics, the design and uses of databases in marketing, advanced marketing research techniques, and interpreting all forms of data analytics to form marketing strategy.

MKT 4033: Internship in Marketing I

Prerequisites: MKT 3043, permission of the instructor, Department Chair, and Dean and a minimum 2.5 GPA on 60 or more earned hours and on at least 15 earned hours from ATU.

A supervised, practical experience providing undergraduate MGMK majors with a hands-on professional management/ marketing experience in a position relating to an area of career interest. The student will work in a local cooperating business establishment under the supervision of a member of management of that firm. A College of Business faculty member will observe and consult with the students and the management of the cooperating firm periodically during the period of the internship. Students will be required to make oral reports in the classroom, maintain an internship log, and prepare a final term paper.

Note: Only three hours of internship may be used to satisfy the curriculum requirements for management or marketing electives. Additional hours may be used to satisfy the curriculum requirements for general electives.

MKT 4053: Sport and Event Marketing

Prerequisites: MKT 3043.

To apply marketing concepts to sporting, cultural, historical, and charitable activities and events. To examine the performance, production, and promotional segments of the sport and event markets.

MKT 4063: Integrated Marketing Communication in a Digital Age

Prerequisites: MKT 3043.

The study of every element of promotion within the marketing mix, including the importance of a unified message, as well as understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of all available media.

MKT 4093: International Marketing

Prerequisites: MKT 3043.

Analysis of opportunities, distinctive characteristics and emerging trends in foreign markets, including exploration of alternative methods and strategies for entering foreign markets; organizational planning and control; impact of social, cultural, economic and political differences; and problems of adapting American marketing concepts and methods.

MKT 4103: Special Topics in Marketing

Prerequisites: MKT 3043.

In-depth exploration of selected marketing topics. The primary topic will vary from offering to offering, thus, the course may be taken more than once.

MKT 4143: Marketing Strategy

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: MKT 3043, MGMT 3003, and at least 90 earned hours.

Advanced study of decisions facing a marketing executive. Topics covered include product planning, consumer behavior, promotion, sales management, and pricing. It provides practical experience in developing a small business marketing plan.