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Chemistry Program - General Option

The General option is specifically designed with a minimum of required courses so that students, in cooperation with their faculty academic advisors, can exercise a maximum degree of flexibility in tailoring programs to meet their individual aspirations. By judiciously choosing electives, individuals can enrich these minimum chemistry requirements to prepare for futures in law, technical marketing, environmental science, computer science, technical writing, toxicology, education, technical illustration, engineering, health sciences, and business.


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

Fall Credits
CHEM 4414 Instrumental Analysis 4
CHEM Elective  3 3
Elective  4 9
Total Hours  
Spring Credits
SFHS 1XXX Social Sciences/Fine Arts/Humanities/Communication Courses  1 3
CHEM 4401 Chemistry Seminar 1
CHEM Elective  3 3
Elective  4 9
Total Hours  16

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements". A specific general education core course does not have to be taken in the semester listed, any other part of the general education core at any time is acceptable as well.
2Science electives from BIOL, GEOL, PHYS, PHSC (excluding BIOL 1014 Introduction to Biological Science PHSC 1013 Introduction to Physical Science and PHSC 1021 Physical Science Laboratory), and excluding CHEM.
3Excluding CHEM 1113 A Survey of Chemistry and CHEM 1111 Survey of Chemistry Laboratory.
4German, Statistics, and Technical Communications are encouraged. (Electives must include sufficient upper-division courses to result in 40 upper division hours) (upper division = 3000-4000 level).