Department of Behavioral Sciences

Associate of Science in Ozark-Ouachita Studies

This program is designed to enhance the educational experience of students wishing to remain in the state after graduation and was derived from student interest (across academic disciplines) in a variety of topics related to the Ozark-Ouachita region. This new Associate of Science program offers the opportunity for students from three separate colleges pursuing a diversity of majors to focus their academic energy on issues of importance to Arkansas and its citizens. One goal of the program is to foster academic collaboration between the University’s colleges with the hope of developing long-term research projects that combine the theories and methodologies of both the natural and social sciences. Another goal of the program is to make students uniquely employable to Arkansas businesses and to federal and state agencies targeted at cultural preservation, natural resource protection, and social services.

To qualify for the Associate of Science in Ozark-Ouachita studies, the student must satisfy the associate degree requirements of this catalog and complete the following curriculum: