Payment Options

Payment of tuition and all other fees and charges, including room and board charges for students in residence halls, are due and payable prior to the beginning of each term at the Student Accounts Office, in the Student Services Building, Office 133.  Financial settlement, which consists of tuition, fees, and at least one-fourth of room and board, may be made by:

 E-Cashier Payment Plan - Fall, Spring, Summer I and Summer II

If you choose this plan, the FULL account balance will be budgeted along with any subsequent charges incurred for the semester.  Once selected, you cannot change to the ATU plan.


Room and Board Payment Plan - Fall and Spring Semesters Only

    Tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the semester.

     Room and board can be paid in one-fourth installments. 

        •     Payment of full, or one-fourth of the room and board must be made   for validation of food service ID. 

                •  As outlined in the TECH catalog, tuition, fees, and one-fourth of                          room and board charges are payable prior to the beginning of          classes. 

                • The remaining three-quarters of the room and board charges may be paid in three installments in February, March, and April for the                       Spring Semester and September, October, and November for the                        Fall Semester. 

•  You will receive an electronic bill each of these months. 

•  The only bill that you will receive in the mail is your pre-registration bill. 

        •    Fall pre-registration bills are mailed in  late July and Spring              pre-registration bills are mailed in mid December. 

        •    All subsequent bills will be sent electronically to your OneTech                     account.  

         •  Mail in a check, call in a credit card or drop by the Student Accounts Office with your payment to select this option. 

•  Payment is Due even if a bill is not received.

eTechand other courses added at a date other than the traditional semester start date may not be billed with the regular billing cycle.  Account charges and balances can be accessed at any time through your student OneTech Account.
Payment is Due even if a bill is not received.