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The Arkansas Department of Education will offer a public comment opportunity on a pre-publication version of the Arkansas K-12 Science Standards for grades K-8. In order to view the standards, make comments, and/or offer suggestions, please copy and paste the link:


Public comments and survey is available from April 15-May 15, 2015.

Questions regarding this public comment opportunity may be directed to Ms. Stacy Smith by e-mail at stacysmith@arkansas.gov or by phone at 501-682-1991.

Questions regarding Arkansas K-12 Science Standards may be directed to Ms. Michele Snyder by e-mail at michele.snyder@arkansas.gov or by phone at 501-682-7942.


May 8, 2015 ATU STEM Olympiad for 5th-12th Grade Students:

 The STEM Olympiad is a joint activity sponsored by Arkansas Tech University and Western Arkansas Education Service Co-op. Originally organized in 2010 and called Destination Space, the STEM Olympiad has grown to become one of the largest student STEM competitions in the United States. In 2013, it was recognized by the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) as the outstanding STEM competition in the Southwest.
Competition is open to public and private school throughout the region and involves students in grades 5-12. Students will be grouped into three grade divisions for competition. Those include grades 5-6, grade 7-8, and high school (9-12). Competition involves both team and individual competition. The areas of competition for 2015 include:

➢ Engineering Challenge: Maximum of 4 students/team
➢ Rockets: Maximum of 4 students/team.
➢ Hovercrafts: Maximum of 4 students/team.
➢ Catapults: Maximum of 2 students/team.
➢ Bridge Design: Maximum of 2 students/team.
➢ Egg Drop: Maximum of 2 students/team.
➢ Machine Competition: Maximum of 4 students/team.

First, second, and third place medals will be awarded in each category and in each competition.

The 2015 competition will be held at ATU campus, HULL PHYSICAL ED building and Football field on May 8 of 2015. Pre-registration can be conducted through Mrs. Terri Frost tfrost2@atu.edu or Mrs. Sarah Burnett sburnett6@atu.edu . The rocket competition will be handled by Mr. Roberts of Pottsville Schools and additional information can be obtained by contacting him through ed.roberts@pottsvilleschools.org.


Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

June 10-12, 2015: NGSS K-6: Transitioning to New Science Standards. Participants will use strategies learned throughout this three-day session to support a student-centered, elementary classroom in which the three dimensions of the new Arkansas Science Standards are integrated with Common Core Literacy/Math- a definite "win-win". Please bring laptops to training.

June 17-18: NGSS 5-12: Putting Practices into Place. The new Arkansas Science Standards will require students to apply Science and Engineering Practices. This two-day session will engage participants in these practices using strategies designed to support deeper understanding of science concepts. Please bring laptops to training.

June 23-24: NGSS K-12: Introduction to Three-Dimensional Learning. During this two-day session, participants will engage in hands-on experiences designed to enhance understanding of the Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas that will make up the new Arkansas K-12 Science Standards. Please bring laptops to training.

June 25: Picture Perfect You want to include science in your curriculum, that 20 minutes just doesn't get it done. Join us for a day of putting science in your literacy time. Explore activities, books, and websites that can help you with science in the classroom. Please bring laptops to training.

June 30-July 1: YES!! We CAN do Science! Targeting K-4 Teachers ($350.00 Registration Fee)Love science; just not sure how to fit it into you busy day or just need some new ideas to put into place? Join us for 2 days of training and walk away with a tub full of materials for 3 new units that integrates the life, physical, and earth science together. Please bring laptops to training.

July 7-8: Science in ACTION!! Targeting 5-8 Teachers ($350.00 Registration Fee) Love doing things with students; just need some new ideas, way, strategies? Join us for a 2-day workshop for this. Lessons will be modeled and teachers will walk away with a tub full of materials to cover the lessons. Integrated Science at its finest!! Please bring laptops to training.

July 28-29: SO! This is High School Science? Targeting 9-12 Teachers ($350.00 Registration Fee) Tired of the same old routine? Then, let's get started on a new year of a new technique to use in your classroom. Walk away with the materials needed to complete the lessons. Join us for this two-day hands-on, activity based, and designing solutions workshop. Please bring laptops to training.


June 16-17: Fraction Operations: This session will be designed around the ideas presented in the NCTM publications; Developing Essential Understanding of Rational Numbers for Teaching Mathematics in Grades 3-5 and Putting Essential Understanding of Fractions into Practice for Grades 3-5. These two publications work together to strengthen the teacher's content knowledge of rational numbers and how to properly select activities to help students gain a robust understanding of fractions. Each participant will receive a copy of both publications along with materials to use in their classroom. (Registration fee: $225)

June 8-9: Math and Science Integration: This session will be coordinated by the math and science specialists to support the schools and teachers looking to integrate the math and science content at the K-8 levels. This is a follow-up from the offering: Math and Science Integration for Administrators, teachers will be given the opportunity to receive specialized training in the area of analyzing and grouping frameworks for integration, hands-on activities, extending students understanding, and providing support for students to be on track to be college and career ready. Teachers attending this session will receive follow-up training throughout the school year that will consist of classroom visits, observations, and on-site training. (Registration fee: $225)

June 18 (5-8), July 1 (K-4), July 2 (9-12): Technology and Manipulatives in the Classroom: There will be three separate sessions to target the three different grade bands. Each session will be targeted on that specific grade band in order to provide meaningful, individualized, and effective support to teachers wanting to increase their use of manipulatives and technology in the classroom. Teachers will receive the materials used in the sessions in order to take back and implement into their classroom to impact the learning of their students. Each set of materials/technology received will be specific to the grade band of the session attended.(K-4) (5-8) (9-12) (Registration fee: $250/per session)