What You Will Learn

What do you want to learn? Students will benefit from a well-rounded education the Masters of Liberal Arts provides. This program is geared toward a customized focus of study. Graduates of the MLA program have worked in a variety of careers in the Humanities, as well as in Communications and Law. The combination of courses in English, Music, Communications, the Social Sciences, Journalism, and many others will further benefit students by offering them the opportunity to develop key skills necessary in the working world, such as creativity, eloquence, articulation, and the desire to learn more of the world around them. As a student, the MLA program will provide experience on collecting and synthesizing research and opportunities to have their work published in journals or conferences. 

The MLA program is best suited for students who wish to pursue their studies but do not want to be in a specific department. Those who have a desire to learn as much as they can from a worldly, interdisciplinary perspective. 


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