Membership Benefits

Maximum award of $5300 per semester for up to eight semesters or until the completion of an undergraduate degree, whichever comes first. University Honors scholarship recipients also receive an Advanced Scholars Stipend of $1000 per semester awarded fall and spring terms only.

Renewal Requirements for the Honors Student
All University Honors scholarship recipients must participate in University Honors curriculum requirements, in the sophomore service requirement, and attend all Honors functions. Scholarship recipients must complete a minimum of 15 hours per semester with a 3.25 semester GPA to be eligible for the scholarship for the following semester. Transfer, CLEP, AP, and IB credit cannot be used to qualify for scholarship renewal.

Receipt, continued receipt, or renewal of all academic scholarships is also contingent upon the student honoring the Arkansas Tech University Code of Conduct and adhere to local, state, and Federal law. To receive the award in subsequent terms, the FAFSA and all requested documentation must be on file by August 1 each year. Students who fail to meet renewal requirements are notified by the University Honors Director.

To remain in compliance with Act 323 of 2009, the University reserves the right to cancel or modify any scholarship funded by the institution at any time.