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Bachelor of Arts Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (BA-OL) provides students with comprehensive, specialized instruction in the application of leadership concepts highly sought after by employers across a wide variety of settings and career paths.  Students enrolled in the BA-OL will learn about leadership theory, leadership development, supervision, workplace learning and communication, non-profit leadership and community development, globalization and diversity, and organizational change.  Upon completion of this program, students will be equipped to seek out numerous career opportunities in diverse organizational settings based on individual skill set, interests, and initiative, as well as graduate-level education. The curriculum is designed to enhance essential workplace skills such as planning, organizational behavior, ethics, needs assessment, problem solving, communications, human resources, and technology applications. The BA-OL can be completed entirely online.

Students may elect to pursue concentrations in the following areas:

The Inter-College option allows students, in close consultation with an advisor, to design a multi-disciplinary degree path to meet personal and professional goals.

Program of Study (BA Organizational Leadership)

General Education coursework: 35 hours

Required Professional Core: 42 hours

LEAD 1003 Introduction to Leadership
LEAD 2003 Ethics in Leadership OR OL 4043 Ethical Leadership
OL 3023 Professional Communications / PS 3023 Professional Communications
OL 3133 Principles of Personnel Management / PS 3133 Principles of Personnel Management
OL 3143 Applied Research  / PS 3143 Applied Research
OL 4143 Nonprofit Governance / PS 4143 Nonprofit Governance OR OL 4343 Community Development / PS 4343 Community Development
OL 4243 Adult Learning in Organizations / PS 4243 Adult Learning in Organizations
OL 4443 Professional Leadership / PS 4443 Professional Leadership
OL 4543 Workplace Supervision / PS 4543 Workplace Supervision
OL 4643 Organizational Globalization and Diversity / PS 4643 Organizational Globalization and Diversity
OL 4743 Organizational Change / PS 4743 Organizational Change
OL 4843 Training and Organizational Development / PS 4843 Training and Organizational Development
OL 4943 Applied Leadership Project / PS 4943 Applied Leadership Project
OL 4963 Organizational Leadership Capstone / PS 4963 Organizational Leadership Capstone

Selected Concentration: 18 hours

Agriculture Business (All courses not available online)
Child Development (Program does not lead directly to teacher licensure)
Criminal Justice
Emergency Management
Inter - College
Military Leadership
Public Relations

Balance of electives: Varies

Hours needed to meet 40-hour upper division requirement
or balance of 120 hours

Total: 120 hours

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

A Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process is available that could award upper-division credit for relevant work experience, professional development, or military training. The basis for requesting credit for prior learning is the development of a portfolio with assistance from a faculty advisor. Every student requesting credit for prior learning must enroll in this course and complete a portfolio, which demonstrates the college-level learning that has resulted from experiences outside a formal academic framework. The student utilizes this method to document knowledge acquired which is equivalent to upper-division college-level credit. The Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board sets credit limits for experiential/prior learning assessment.

Contact Information

Associate Professor

Jeff AulgurJeremy Schwehm

Assistant Professors

Tennille Lasker-Scott

Senior Instructor

Jennifer Saxton