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Business Management

Business Management prepares students to manage organizations of all types.  Managers help businesses improve the way they get products and services to their customers.  They keep business running smoothly by bringing together suppliers, employers, workers, and the tools they use to create the products and services sold everywhere.  Management students have opportunities to participate in experiential learning, such as internships with local employers and projects with ATU's Arkansas Small Business Technology and Development Center, which help businesses to manage more efficiently.


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

Fall Credits
ENGL 2053 Technical Writing 3
MGMT 3123 Business Ethics 3
MKT 3043 Principles of Marketing 3
Management Elective (3000-4000) 6
Total Hours 15
Spring Credits
FIN 3063 Business Finance 3
MGMT 3103 Operations Management 3
Management Elective (3000-4000) 6
Elective 3
Total Hours 15

Fall Credits
MGMT 4013 Management Information Systems 3
College of Business Elective (3000-4000) 3
 Electives 3 9
Total Hours 15
Spring Credits
MGMT 4083 Business Policy 3
Management or College of Business Elective (3000-4000) 3 6
Elective 3 2
Total Hours 11

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in “General Education Requirements”.
2Students who have two years of high school algebra with a grade of “C” or better and a math ACT score of 22 or above may omit College Algebra and enroll directly in MATH 2223 Quantitative Business Analysis. If omitted, an additional 3 hours of electives will be required. Students considering graduate school are advised to use free elective hours to take MATH 2914 Calculus I.

3 This program partners the BSBA undergraduate degree with the MBA degree. A maximum of 12 graduate level credit hours can be counted towards both the BSBA degree in Management and the MBA degree. Four graduate level courses can be used to replace four upper-division undergraduate courses as follows:
BDA 6203 Business Information Analysis can replace MGMT 4073 Special Topics in Management
MGMT 6203 Decision Modeling in Supply Chain Management can replace MGMT 4103 Supply Chain Management
MGMT 6103 Organizational Management and Leadership can replace MGMT 4213 Strategy and Leadership
MKT 6113 Strategic Social Media Marketing can replace MKT 4103 Special Topics in Marketing