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Board of Trustees


Mrs. Stephanie Duffield, Russellville

Mr. Jim Smith, Fayetteville

Mr. Thomas Leonard "Len" Cotton, Dardanelle

Mr. Bill Clary, Conway

Michael Lamoureux, Russellvilile 

Board of Advisors

Tom Banhart
, Van Buren

Bruce Coleman, Mountainburg

C. A. Kuykendall, Ozark

Jimmy Rofkahr, Hartman

Donald Smith, Cecil

Administrative Officers

Robin E. Bowen, 2014, President
B.S., University of Kansas, 1982
M.Ed., University of Arkansas, 1983
Ed.D., Texas Tech University, 1988

Bruce Sikes, 2007, Chancellor
B.S.E., University of Central Arkansas, 1986
M.S.E., University of Central Arkansas, 2000

Dr. Sheila R. Jacobs, 2018, Chief Academic Officer
B.A., Arkansas Tech University, 1988
M.Ed., Arkansas Tech University, 1993
M.Ed., Arkansas Tech University, 2006
EDS, Arkansas Tech University, 2011
Ed.D., Arkansas Tech University, 2020

Richard Harris, 2007, Chief Student Officer
B.A., Arkansas State University, 1997
M.P.A., Arkansas State University, 1999

Daniel Smith, 2023, Chief Fiscal Officer
B.S., Northeastern State University, 2016
M.B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University, 2018

Patricia S. Edmunds, 2011, Director of Arkansas Tech Career Center
B.S., University of the Ozarks, 1988
M.Ed., Harding University, 2008

Administrative Staff

Debbie Blalock, Fiscal Support Analyst, Career Center 
Shirley Bonner, Assessment Coordinator
Erin Brickley, Associate Registrar
Steven Campbell, Associate Director of Computer Services
Linda Clifton, Student Support Specialist, Perkins Grant
Hayden Darr, Academic Counselor, Career Center
Brianna Ingram, Assistant Director of Academic Services 
Faith Johnson, Academic Advisor
Bethany Lucius, Academic Advisor, TRIO
Kayla McIntosh, Director of TRIO
Kristie Moore, Librarian
Beverly Nehus, Special Projects Coordinator, Chancellor's Office
Regina Olson, Director of Adult Education
Whitney Parsons, Academic Counselor of Career Pathways
Mitzi Reano, Office of Human Resources
Taylor Risinger, Coordinator of Student Recruitment 
Laura Rudolph, Public Information Specialist
Julie Schmalz, Associate Director of Financial Aid
Sierra N. Smith, Student Success Coordinator/ADA Coordinator 
Jessica Spicer, Coordinator of Advising, Testing, and Records/Director of Career Pathways Initiative
Winter Starr, TRIO
Tyler Tober, Project Program Specialist, Career Center
Mario Varela-Pecina, Student Support Services Advisor
Ryan Watson, Career Support Services Facilitator 
Robert Jeremiah Wilson, Industry Training Specialist

Support Services Staff

Tracy Chapman, Campus Maintenance
Peter Clifton, Campus Maintenance
Mike Crouch, Campus Maintenance
Susan Furr, Administrative Specialist III
Megan Henson, Office of Student Services
Sherry Hesson, Adult Education
Alina House, Fiscal Support/Travel
Mya Jones, Adult Education
Rebecca Krebs, Student Accounts
Jimmy Martin, Campus Maintenance
Maria Montelongo, Adult Education 
Stacy Morton, Campus Maintenance, Career Center
Carla Murphy-White, Adult Education
Lexi Norris, Adult Education 
Brady Oberman, Campus Maintenance
David Spicer, Public Safety Officer/Campus Maintenance Supervisor
Phil Spiegel, Campus Maintenance
Michael Smith, Computer Lab Technician 
Lisa Sturdivant, Purchasing/Accounts Payable
Katrina Young, Career Center