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Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology

The Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology program enables students to develop skills in the areas of web processing, databases, networking, programming, and various operating systems. These skills enable students to seek positions within the information technology industry.


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements".
2TECH 1013 Introduction to the University is a substitution for TECH 1001 Orientation to the University. Electives would reduce from 15 hours to 13 hours.
3COMS 3703 Advanced Operating Systems is a substitution for COMS 2713 Survey of Operating Systems.

4COMM 2003 Public Speaking is a substitution for COMM 2173 Business and Professional Speaking.
5Students seeking a Bachelor's degree in computing should take courses that count towards that degree rather than just general electives.