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Graduation Requirements

Degree Works

Degree Works is a software tool utilized by ATU designed to detail academic progression. It allows both students and advisors to monitor course progress towards degree completion and clearly indicates which course requirements have been met as well as how courses transfer into a program. Transfer courses must be approved through the use of a substitution/waiver form available via the Registrar for progress to display correctly within Degree Works.

Degree Works will display course progression based on the current program of study, but a "what-if" scenario can be generated for any program to see how progression looks with the courses currently completed and in progress. Note that if you have applied to and been admitted to a graduate program while still finishing your undergraduate program, Degree Works will show your new program of study in the graduate program and you would have to generate a "what-if" query to see your undergraduate degree progress.

Degree Completion Requirements

  1. Develop a planned program of studies (including determined prerequisites) under supervision of designated faculty advisor, with any subsequent modifications approved by the advisor and program director.
  1. Complete course work for the degree.
  2. Submit an Application for Graduation This must be done by Reading day of the semester prior to the semester of graduation.
  3. Successfully complete a thesis, portfolio, comprehensive exam, internship, or research project as set forth in this catalog.
  4. Complete the degree within six (6) years from the time unconditional or conditional admission to the program was granted.
  5. See specific degree programs for special requirements.

Application for Graduation

  In addition to satisfying all degree requirements, a candidate for a degree must file an Application for Graduation online. Students must apply for graduation by Reading day of the semester prior to the semester of graduation.


Students must complete all degree requirements prior to participating in the December, May, or August commencement ceremonies. Students completing all degree requirements in the fall semester will participate in the December commencement ceremony; spring semester will participate in the May commencement ceremony; and summer terms will participate in the commencement ceremony held in August. Students will not participate in the commencement ceremony if all degree requirements are not completed prior to the ceremony. Students not completing all requirements will participate in the next scheduled commencement ceremony providing all degree requirements are met. Students taking courses at other institutions must have official transcripts submitted to the Registrar's Office and have completed all degree requirements prior to the commencement ceremony to be allowed to participate.

The candidate is expected to be present at commencement for the conferral of the degree unless written authorization in absentia is granted by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Academic regalia shall be worn by the student during the graduation ceremony. No decorations, writings, necklaces, braids, pins, cords, medallions, or other items shall be worn or placed on the gown. Decoration on caps is permitted.

Diplomas may be available at the time of commencement or will be mailed to graduates following commencement.

Absentia Graduation

Requests to graduate in absentia must be in writing and should be forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled graduation date. Graduate students who have been approved to graduate in absentia will receive their diplomas by mail after the actual conferral of the degrees.

Financial Obligation

Before any transcript or diploma is issued, the student must have paid any debt owed the University.

Complete course work for theSubmit an Application for Graduation This must be done by Reading day of the semester prior to the semester of graduation.