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MGMT 5203: Project Management

Prerequisites: Graduate standing, BUAD 2053 or higher-level math course, BUAD 2003 or COMS 2003 or higher level microcomputer applications course, or permission of the instructor.

This course explores the techniques of organizing the main elements of project management: people, cost, schedule, and scope. The course emphasis is aimed toward a practical understanding of Project Management for future business leaders and engineers. Students will learn to utilize information technology that aids in the visualization and documentation of the project planning and management process.

Note: May not be taken for credit after MGMT 4203.

MGMT 6093: Special Topics in Management

Course offers an in-depth exploration of selected management issues affecting business. The primary focus of the course will vary from offering to offering; thus the course may be taken more than once. There is a required research project.

Note: Students are limited to a maximum of six (6) hours of special topics credit.

MGMT 6103: Organizational Management and Leadership

This course is a study of the human behaviors and leadership issues which affect the day-to-day operations of the modern organization, organizational decision making and teamwork.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

MGMT 6203: Decision Modeling in Supply Chain Management

All firms have to deal with supply chain challenges such as configuration and operations of supply chain, inventory positions across the supply chain, allocation of resources to minimize cost and maximize revenue. These challenges represent the complexity of processes within a supply chain, which complicates the decision making for the decision makers. This course focuses on utilizing data driven decision making in complex supply chain processes. Students will use various analytical tools such as linear programming models, shortest-path models, nonlinear programming models, decision trees, forecasting models, and Monte Carlo simulation to solve supply chain challenges faced by firms in various industries.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

MGMT 6903: Corporate Strategic Management

Prerequisite: Completion of 18 hours toward program requirements.

As the capstone course in the MBA, this course examines the application of strategic management processes, including top management's role in situational analysis, strategy selection, strategy implementation, and strategic control, under conditions of uncertainty. There are required cases as well as a dynamic simulation and a final recorded professional presentation.

$35 per SSCH course fee.