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Master Arts Early Childhood

MAEC 6033: Principles of Child Development and Classroom Management

This course is a study of the developmental stages, cognitive perceptions, and information processing of young children and classroom management techniques based on these characteristics for use in early childhood environments.

MAEC 6163: Instruction and Assessment for Diverse Learners

This course examines the aligning of instruction and assessment in academic subjects by planning, implementing, and using evaluation strategies designed to facilitate cognitive content for diverse learners. It also addresses professional and ethical issues regarding instruction, assessment, and evaluation of learners with emphasis upon the early childhood learner.

MAEC 6213: Early Childhood Curriculum for Young Children

This course examines curriculum development and analysis of early childhood educational settings. The course also requires that students apply the theories and principles to instructional planning, teaching, managing, and assessing students in the public school classroom.

MAEC 6323: Diagnostic Literacy Instruction and Interventions

A course designed to study current practices in assessing young children's reading and writing development for the purpose of diagnosing and planning instruction and interventions.

MAEC 6806: Internship

The internship will provide a direct, substantial, and full-day, experience for a minimum of 12 weeks with an early childhood emphasis. Types of embedded professional development include action research, peer coaching, networking, portfolio development, teaming, live case studies, curriculum design, needs assessment, data collection, and data analysis. The placement of candidates in the field is a thoughtful process, considerate of a complexity of standards, policies, procedures, agreements, and partnerships with the public schools, rules, regulations, and budgetary constraints as well as the special needs, hardships in housing and transportation, and employment futures of teacher candidates.