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DYS 5003: Dyslexia and Other Learning Disorders

This course is designed to provide dyslexia specialist candidates an introduction to the field of dyslexia and related learning disorders. This course will focus on an understanding of the science of reading including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, as well as concepts of print. A variety of approaches to reading and writing instruction, assessment practices, and issues in reading curriculum development will be addressed with particular emphasis on students with dyslexia and other struggling readers. This class has a 5-hour field work component.

DYS 5013: Foundation of Language and Literacy Development

This course is designed to provide the dyslexia therapist candidates with a deep understanding of the stages of language processing as well as the structure of language, and define and identify factors that contribute to literacy.

DYS 5023: Interpreting and Administration of Assessments for Planning Instruction

This course is designed to provide the dyslexia specialist candidates with a comprehensive view of academic assessments. The course will familiarize the student with an overview of statistical concepts, the basic theories of assessment, interpreting data for instruction, and practicum experience administering academic assessments for planning instruction.

DYS 5033: Professional Learning and Leadership

Professional Learning and Leadership is a course designed to prepare students to serve within a Dyslexia Specialist position with all the incumbent responsibilities. To be able to ethically design, facilitate, lead and evaluate differentiated professional development programs for working with students with Dyslexia based on the most up to date research and policy from the local, state and national levels.

DYS 5043: Structured Language Teaching

Structured language teaching is a course designed to prepare students to design, teach, evaluate, and adjust a variety of multisensory and multimodal approaches that effectively support students diagnosed with dyslexia (reading difficulties).