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Business Administration

BUAD 6003: Independent Study

Prerequisites: 21 hours must be completed toward the program requirements.

Students will complete an administrative project approved in advance by their advisor. The project must include elements of administration with a subject relevant to the student's program of study. Successful completion of the project will include a professional report and full presentation of the project findings/results. The work may take the form of an internship, a research project or a consulting project.

Note: May be repeated for credit.

BUAD 6093: Special Topics in Business

Prerequisite: Twelve (12) hours must be completed toward the degree requirements.

Course offers an in-depth exploration of selected issues affecting business. The primary focus of the course will vary from offering to offering; thus the course may be taken more than once. There is a required research project.

Note: Students are limited to a maximum of six (6) hours of special topics credit.

BUAD 6103: Research Methods

This course explores the basic methodology used within quantitative and qualitative research. Students will be introduced to the language of research, ethical principles, and methods used in the development of the in research design for primary and secondary data and how research tools can provide an understanding of the business environment.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

BUAD 6903: Industry Analysis

Prerequisite: Completion of 21 hours of the MBA program

Co-requisite: MGMT 6903

The purpose of this course is for the student to apply knowledge of research and analysis methods to a major business industry. The student will work with the instructor to identify an appropriate industry to research and analyze culminating in a major written report. The course includes an oral defense of the project and its conclusions before graduate business faculty.

$35 per SSCH course fee.