Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Secondary Education Program

Music Education for Teacher Licensure7 (Instrumental Music Option)

See the College of Education page for additional requirements.


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements"
2Piano (MUS 1441 Class Piano, I, II, III, and IV or MUS 1201 Applied Music - Piano) to be taken each semester until successful completion of Piano Exit Exam.
3Required for enrollment in upper-level applied study for two-hour credit and for completion for all music degrees
4Prerequisite: successful completion of Piano Exit Exam.
5Prerequisite: admission to Stage II.
6See admission policy and procedure.
7For licensure, students must pass the Praxis II music specialty and Principles of Learning and Teaching exam.
8See course descriptions for the appropriate applied music course number.