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Banking Services 

The Banking Services program of study is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level jobs at banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, and other financial institutions.  Course work is designed to provide the banking industry with skilled employees who possess strong communication, math, critical thinking, computer skills and knowledge of banking processes and procedures.

A career in banking opens doors of possibility, and provides the banking professional many opportunities to use their skills in meaningful ways.  Banking services involves more than just standing behind a window and taking money.  As a banking professional, you could provide customer service and advice to customers; verify bank transactions; review and advise on loans; explain credit to clients; make presentations to schools to educate students about money; and much more.  You may help families buy their first home or guide them through saving for their child's college education.  Banking can be an incredibly rewarding career, especially if you like numbers.

High school students may begin the Banking Services program by taking classes concurrently with their regular studies and earn college credit toward a certificate of proficiency which will apply to the technical certificate and associate of applied science degree. 

Associate Degrees

Technical Certificates

Certificate of Proficiency