In-State Residency

A student should be classified as an in-state resident for tuition purposes only if his or her legal residence is located in Arkansas for all purposes, and by good faith acts the student demonstrates the intent to make Arkansas his or her permanent home.  Legal residence in Arkansas is required for at least six (6) consecutive months immediately preceding the first date of the semester for which in-state classification is requested.  Mere physical presence in Arkansas is not sufficient to establish residency or demonstrate intent.


In order to be eligible for classification as an in-state resident (and be charged the in-state tuition rate), you must meet at least one of the criteria below (supporting documentation will be required for verification).

ADHE Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes for Public Colleges and Universities

Please see the Out-of-State Residence Status for Tuition and Fee Purposes section of the Academic Catalog (in the Fees and Expenses section) for more information on Arkansas Tech's policy on residency classification.