The program’s purpose is to provide outdoor opportunities  
to aid student learning and personal development and to enhance the quality of life for Arkansas Tech University students, faculty, and staff. We want you to stay in touch with the outdoors!                                                                                                    

Services Available 

Fall 2014 Schedule of Events

All events and registrations are located at IMLEAGUES.COM

Free Climb Night at The Wall - Sept. 3rd

Outdoor Rec Expo @Tree Island (Between Nutt and Wilson) - Sept. 10th

Beginners Fly Fishing - Sept. 13th

2-Person Golf Scramble - Sept. 27th

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Zipline/Rockclimbing - Oct. 11th

Overnight Camp/Hike Ozark Trail - Oct. 18th

Hawksbill Crag Hiking Trip - Oct. 25th





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