English and World Languages Video Collection


Digital copies of the videos in the English and World Languages collection can be searched through the lists below. Instructors who want to use a video in class should tell Ms Choate the name of the video, the date and time at which it will be used, and the classroom in which it will be used. Ms. Choate will see that the video is sent to the appropriate instructor's computer in time to be used. If that is not possible, a copy on a jump drive can be loaned to the instructor for use in class. 

Original Films

These digitized full-length films, ranging from The Battleship Potemkin to This is Spinal Tap are supplemental to the DVD and blu-ray films in our collection.

Adaptations and Drama

This collection of digitized video includes adaptations of literary works such as The Scarlet Letter as well as digitized dramatic performances, including multiple versions of some Shakespeare plays.

Reading and Interviews

This collection includes the Lannon Contemporary Poets collection of readings as well as numerous recorded interviews with authors. 


This list includes video biographies, histories, and the entire American Cinema series.