About Sigma Tau Delta
Founded in 1924 at the Dakota Wesleyan University by Professor Judson Q. Owen, Sigma Tau Delta has over 600 active chapters, more than 900 faculty sponsors, and inducts approximately 7,000 members annually, making it one of the largest members of the Association of College Honor Societies.
Name and Motto
The name Sigma Tau Delta comes from the Greek letters representing the first letter of each of the words of the official motto: Sincerity, Truth, Design. These foundational values are, according to our founder, "elements fundamental to written expression," and they underlie as a whole the creative, critical, and teaching aspects of English language and literature.

I shall endeavor to advance the study of the chief literary masterpieces, to encourage worthwhile reading, to promote the mastery of written expression, and to foster a spirit of fellowship among students specializing in the English language and literature, ever keeping in mind our international motto: Sincerity, Truth, Design.

Colors and SymbolCardinal and black.The rose. Why the Rose?
Official SealThe official seal can be found on all official documents of the society.