Michael Karl Ritchie Reads at Tech


Michael Ritchie


On Thursday, October 5, 2017, Dr. Michael Karl Ritchie, retired Professor of English at Arkansas Tech University, read from his poetry collection Ampleforth's MIscellany. Terry Wright author of the What the Black Box Said describes the poems, which are inspired by educational film strips, as "a poignant reminder that our own memories are not unlike lost films, half-recalled flickering images soon lost to time or at best mistakenly or paritally reassembled."

You can view Dr. Ritchie's reading: Part One and Part Two

Read Dr. Ritchie's weekly poems at his Spaceship Blog -- https://mkrspaceship.wordpress.com.

You can create your own version of Dr. Ritchie's poems "Spaceship" and "Robot" by selecting a number of randlomly selected stanzas.

Ritchie Reading Ritchie Reading Ritchie Reading