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The idea for the WonderMap originated with the inaugural cohort of Leadership Tech, and one team’s Institutional Innovation Project. 

The team proudly dubbed "#wolfpack" realized through a student panel discussion that many ATU students were unaware of campus resources or how to access them. The primary directory for online information is Tech A-Z, but through collecting student surveys and web analytics, they discovered students were using Tech A-Z rarely, if ever.

The team considered organizing the existing web content into an intuitive, logical interface for students, free of confusing nomenclature.  Gathering input from various groups of students, both online and on campus (Russellville and Ozark), #wolfpack provided MARCOMM the web paths and jargon most often used by students.  This allowed MARCOMM to approach the design of the entire website from an innovative stance: a website layout driven by function rather than organizational hierarchy.  

Leadership Tech Inaugural Cohort