University Supported Organizations



Four RSOs are directly support by a student activity fee. Registered organizations that are directly supported by a student activity fee are able to utilize existing nonacademic facilities and designated outdoor space. Additionally, with the approval of the Vice President for Student Services, University Supported Organizations may utilize alternate facilities and space on campus.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the overall student governing body at Arkansas Tech University and serves as an intermediary between the faculty/administration and the student body in the interest of student welfare. SGA represents all students and serves as their communication link to the various components of the campus. SGA operates under a constitution adopted by the student body. It is organized FOR students, and students are encouraged to attend the meetings and go to SGA for assistance in any aspect of student life. The current constitution is available upon request at the SGA Office in the Doc Bryan Student Services Center.

SGA has standing and ad hoc committees. For more information, please visit SGA's page on theLink.

All weekly general meetings are open to the public. The SGA president may be reached by phone at (479) 968-0276.

Learn more by visiting SGA's page on theLink or visit SGA's webpage.  

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student-led organization made up of representatives from every Residence Life facility. Living in the residence halls automatically makes you a member of the Residence Hall Association, and every resident is encouraged to participate in one of the three level of RHA. The general body includes all residents of University-owned residential facilities. Each hall has their own Hall Government, which serves as the governing body for the hall and selects representatives to serve on RHA committees and actively participate in meetings. A small number of elected officials make the Executive Board, which oversee the general operations of the organization.

RHA is a group dedicated to improving the quality of life in all housing facilities through programs and services. RHA serves as a liaison between students and administrators to facilitate changes that students want and to help resolve issues that develop on campus.

The goals of the Residence Hall Association are to unite all the residence halls to further the common interests of campus living groups; to promote better relations and communication between campus residences and other elements of the University community; to coordinate and encourage activities between residence halls; and to represent the interests of the students living on campus. Representatives for the Residence Hall Association come from each halls individual Hall Government. See your hall staff for more information on becoming involved in your Hall Government and RHA. 

The Student Activities Board is committed to promoting student success and enhancing the campus community by providing enjoyable, engaging and creative activities for the student body. SAB fulfills this mission by serving in an advisory capacity to the designated SAB Advisor(s), suggesting, planning and implementing events, cultivating student involvement in SAB, and by collaborating with other organizations at the University.

Students interested in joining SAB as a General Member are encouraged to pick up an application in Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 233.  General Members of SAB agree to effectively assist with and attend at least one SAB event per month, or to take on an alternate responsibility approved by the SAB Advisor or Executive Board Member. General members are encouraged to attend SAB volunteer meetings whenever possible in order to suggest ideas, offer feedback and to offer support for events.

SAB Executive Board positions include President and four (4) or five (5) Directors. These positions are open each spring and include a stipend. Any University student in good disciplinary and academic standing may apply for SAB Executive Board positions. The President position requires two (2) semesters of experience with SAB, but other Executive Board positions do not require prior SAB experience.

SAB activities can vary widely, but typical activities include comedians, magicians, musicians, game shows, social events, movies, etc.

Learn more by visiting SAB's webpage or SAB's page on theLink.  

GOLD Cabinet is responsible for the design, coordination, and execution of On Track. In addition to browsing events and organizations on theLink, students will engage in working towards a goal to achieve a certain connection or involvement on campus. GOLD Cabinet also recognizes student leadership through the GOLD Leader of the Month program and issues funding to eligible Registered Student Organizations for organizational operations, programming, and other qualifying expenses.

The GOLD Cabinet advocates on behalf of all RSOs at the University.  All RSOs have an opportunity to send representation to meetings so that their needs and concerns are heard.

The GOLD Cabinet oversees the Organization Aid program. The funding is designed to assist RSOs at Arkansas Tech. The goal of this program is to foster diversity and support students in their efforts to enhance their organizations, their members, the student body, or Tech

Learn more by visiting GOLD Cabinet's webpage or GOLD Cabinet's page on theLink.  Click here for Open Meeting dates.