Arkansas Tech University is a public institution of higher education offering credentials at the certificate, associate, baccalaureate, master, educational specialist and doctoral levels. It was founded in 1909 as the Second District Agricultural School and its Russellville campus conducted its first day of classes on Oct. 26, 1910.

The name of the institution was changed to Arkansas Polytechnic College in 1925 and Arkansas Tech University in 1976. The former Arkansas Valley Technical Institute, now known as ATU-Ozark Campus, joined ATU in 2003. 



Alma Mater


Alma Mater, Alma Mater,

May we lift our eyes to thee,

May thy glory and thy honor

Be for'er our destiny.

May the colors green and gold

Our loyal hearts for'er enthrall,

And thy mem'ry live forever

In the hearts of us all.

Alma Mater, Alma Mater,

Cherished beacon of our youth,

Radiant emblem, shining symbol,

Guide that leads us on to truth.

Down life's pathway beaming for us,

Lead us ever by thy light;

Should we falter, then restore us

By thy spirit's glorious might.

Fight Song


Fight on, Arkansas Tech,

Fight on to victory!

Breakthrough to run up the score,

Conference Champions once more!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

We'll back you all the way,

Cheering for triumph always!

Go! Fight! Green and Gold,

Wonder Boys, You're Number One!!!