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LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan

ELIGIBILITY: Participating students shall have completed at least one year of university work in the case of undergraduates, and one year of graduate work in the case of graduates prior to enrollment in this program. They must have good academic standing, as reflected by a 70 percent average or above.


TERMS: One or Two Semester(s)


LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT: Participating students should have completed at least two years of Japanese Language courses and must be proficient enough in the Japanese language to enable them to adequately attend and follow courses at Komazawa University.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 31 (Spring Enrollment)

WHY KOMOZAWA UNIVERSITY: Komazawa University is one of the oldest universities in Japan. Its history starts in 1592, when a seminary was established to be a center of learning for the young monks of the Soto sect, one of the two main Zen Buddhist traditions in Japan. Komazawa University will make every effort to realize its purpose as a university by promoting intellectual advancement, while efficiently making use of the advantages of being located in the center of metropolitan Tokyo. The university is located in Komazawa, Setagaya, which is well known as a University and residential area and is about 20 minutes from the center of Tokyo, one of the biggest cities in the world. The university is also next to the Tokyo Olympic Memorial Park, so the campus is very quiet and peaceful, surrounded by trees and other plant life.

University Website: https://www.komazawa-u.ac.jp/english/

For more information, please contact: ghaulmark@atu.edu