Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan

July 2017:

  • Visioning exercise at division-wide meeting
    • Three goal drafts developed with common themes
    • Survey sent to division staff via Question Pro
  • Overarching goal selected by vote


September 2017:

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analyses completed by each department within the division
    • Sub-goals and objectives created by Strategic Planning Task Force through a review of SWOT analyses


October 2017:

  • Associate Deans provided with draft and feedback from all departments requested
  • Draft updated with recommended edits
  • Core Values options sent to all division staff and top five selected via survey
    • 46 total votes:
      • Commitment (14.69%)
      • Community (14.69)
      • Growth (14.12%)
      • Equity (11.86%)
      • Health (11.3%)
  • Mission and Vision drafts created by Strategic Planning Task Force using core values, overarching goal, and University Mission and Vision


November 2017:

  • Survey requesting feedback for strategic planning process sent to all division staff
  • Strategic Plan adopted by unanimous vote at division-wide staff meeting on November 26



Aubrey Holt, Assistant Dean for Campus Life

Lindelle Fraser, Assistant to the Vice President


Will Cooper, Associate Dean for Student Conduct

Colette Tobias, Assistant Dean for Residence Life

Heath Whorton, Campus Emergency Manager

Janis Taylor, Counselor


Arkansas Tech University Student Affairs is dedicated to cultivating a community that provides access, fosters development, and promotes holistic well-being.


Arkansas Tech University Student Affairs will provide transformative learning experiences and resources conducive to student success and the development of engaged citizens.


Commitment is promoting a sense of belonging and loyalty by holding oneself and others accountable to community standards and encouraging positive contributions.


Community is understanding the values of oneself and others, assisting those around you, and finding common goals.


Equity is access to participation and resources for all students to enhance the knowledge, talent, and skills in order to foster success.


Growth is understanding the impact of one’s choices and the ability to make more mature and educated decisions over time.


Well-being is promoting a holistic approach to one’s emotional, physical, social, and intellectual wellness.