Fall 2014

Consultants performed preliminary audit to identify the strategic
issues facing Arkansas Tech University


May 2015

Appointed members of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)
and the Executive Planning Committee (EPC)

June 2015 

Consultants provided orientation and overview of the strategic
planning process to the SPC and the EPC
Finalized strategic planning website and established dedicated email for feedback

Summer 2015 

SPC and Working Groups reviewed and researched the identified issues

August 2015

SPC and EPC each met to discuss research and review the mission statement

September - October 2015  

SPC will hold open forums to collect data and opinions

November 2015

Working Groups will draft white papers

December 2015

SPC will produce initial draft of the strategic plan (to be posted to website)

January 2016

SPC will deliver revised strategic plan to the EPC

EPC will review the presented plan and begin developing an implementation appendix to set forth specific assumptions and timelines for execution

February - March 2016

EPC will adopt subsequent draft of plan and forward to President Bowen

March - April 2016

President Bowen will review the plan and present to the Tech campus and the community at large for feedback and possible amendments

April - June 2016

President Bowen will recommend a final strategic plan to the Board of Trustees for adoption


*This schedule is approximate and subject to change.