Fall Math Opportunities:

Math Minis:

Are you looking for some awesome new ideas for lessons and activities this school year? If this is you, then the math minis are perfect for you! We will meet once a month starting in September from 4:30-7:30 to enjoy collaborations with other grade level teachers and to learn new strategies, methods, and activities to teach topics chosen by YOU! Each grade band (K-4, 5-8, and 9-12) will meet on their designated days.


Unplug Computer Science with Math :

This two-day professional development opportunity is designed for the K-6 teachers looking to find creative, innovative ways to incorporate computer science activities into the existing school curriculum. Computer science is fun and exciting, even without using a computer. We will explore the computer science standards to see the alignment with the math standards. Participants will also receive and develop activities and lessons designed to teach students basic computer science logic without having to use any technology.

What's the Reason for Math Reasoning?:

This middle school opportunity allows teachers to gain activities and lessons designed to enhance the math reasoning ability of the middle school student. Participants will focus on some changes that can be made to activities and lessons to increase the level of math reasoning required by the student. Topics for the math reasoning activities include algebra, geometry, and proportional reasoning.

What's your Function? :

What is a function and why are they important in real life? High school teachers will have the opportunity to engage in activities focusing on building students' understating of functions in the real world. This session will provide teachers with the tools needed to support the students' conceptual understanding of functions throughout the high school standards.


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