Service Excellence Award


What is the Service Excellence Award?

The Service Excellence Award was created by the Office of Leadership & Service to recognize students who complete 100 hours of community service during their time at Arkansas Tech. Giving back to the greater Russellville community with time, hard work, and energy is incredibly meaningful to community members and Arkansas Tech University.

What are activities that qualify as service hours?

Below is a list of standards that qualify as service hours:

What are activities that do NOT qualify as service hours?

How are my service hours verified for the Service Excellence Award?

Service hours that are considered for the Service Excellence Award must be logged on theLink. These hours will be approved and reviewed by the Coordinator of Leadership & Service within the Department of Campus Life. 

How do I log my service hours?

Logging service hours using theLink is an easy process. Please see below for a step-by-step guide for logging your service hours on theLink.

  1. Visit theLink webpage here:
  2. Login using your OneTech username and password.
  3. Click on your name toggle in the top right corner.
  4. Click the "Involvement" tab.
  5. Next, click "Service Hours" tab.
  6. Find the "Add Service Hours" button and fill out the form with your organization, description of volunteer work, date, length of service, and a contact to verify your hours.
  7. If you do not currently belong to a student organization, please join the Campus Life page to log your hours--once you are a part of Campus Life, this option will be in the drop down menu that asks you to select an organization under the "service hours" tab. 
  8. Finally, click submit for approval!
    When is this application due?

Applications can be found on under Forms on the Campus Life page.  To be considered for the Service Excellence Award you must have your hours completed and application submitted by the following dates: 

Who do I contact for questions?

You may contact the Department of Campus Life with any questions at 479-968-0276 or