Alternative Spring Break 2018


Houston, TX: March 18-24

Alternative Spring Break is an opportunity for students to go to another community and give back during their Spring Break. Students do this by volunteering with different community agencies. Not only do students participate in community service, they also have the chance to explore the city and be a "tourist."


Application Process:

Applications: Applications for Alternative Spring Break are available on the Campus Life page on theLink under forms. Click here to be directed to the form.

Deadline to apply: January 8, 2018 by 11:59 PM

Interviews: Students who want to attend the 2018 Alternative Spring Break trip must go through an interview process. The Coordinator of Leadership & Service will schedule an interview time after the student application has been received. 

Cost: There is a $100 non-refundable deposit that selected students must pay to attend the trip. 

What have past participants had to say about spending their spring break volunteering?

" is a great experience that allows you to get to form new friendships with students that you probably wouldn't normally meet on campus, visit and experience a new city, and make a difference in a community."

"My favorite aspects of this trip to Nashville was getting to know the other students that went; I feel we all bonded really well and became friends. I also liked that we got to explore the city and have new experiences that we can't get in Arkansas. I also enjoyed getting the opportunity to help people in the Nashville community."

"The diversity of people we worked with...was very rewarding to get to serve so many different people and see a large city with different options."