$100 Solution Project




As the fastest growing institution in the state and region, Arkansas Tech University offers a wide range of traditional and innovative programs which provide a solid educational foundation for life-long learning to a diverse community of learners.

In partnership with The $100 SolutionTM, Arkansas Tech is utilizing this program to embed service learning in various courses to offer students experiential opportunities to practically apply their course work in real world situations. This collaboration began in the fall of 2014 and is seeing success inside and outside of the classroom.

Students are also able to participate in The $100 SolutionTM through a leadership program to practically apply the leadership skills and techniques they have learned. The community partners in Russellville, AR are learning more about how Arkansas Tech students can work with them to find sustainable solutions. Students are finding confidence in their abilities and discovering the impact of the five principles of $100 SolutionTM.

What is it?

The $100 SolutionTM utilizes course learning objectives combined with the five principles of service-learning to answer a central question for students: with this $100 bill, what can I do to enhance quality of life for others? It teaches students to ask what they can do rather than self-determining needs of others, and it demonstrates that many social problems exist that can be solved with small amounts of money, or rather, by even thinking beyond monetary solutions to make a difference in their community.

What will students learn?

The $100 SolutionTM utilizes five principles of service learning to answer a central question: “With this $100 bill, what can I do to enhance your quality of life?”