Open Scholarships


These scholarships are available to any Tech student, regardless of classification. Students must meet the individual scholarship requirements to be considered.


Scholarship Application


The student is responsible for submitting the General Foundation Scholarship Application, and all documentation listed in the scholarship criteria to the Office of Development. The application and all required documentation should be received by the November 15 priority deadline, with a final deadline of February 15. (i.e., applicant letter, reference letters, etc.). Only one application and documentation is required for multiple Foundation General Scholarships.

Documentation must include a letter from the applicant explaining the need for the scholarship, special family circumstances, and career goals.  And three letters of recommendation from any of the following:  Arkansas Tech faculty, High School Counselor, Principal, Pastor, Employer, or someone familiar with your work ethics and family situation.

The applicant will be considered for all scholarships through the Office of Development where all the criteria requirements have been fulfilled.

All applications and documentation should be received by the November 15 priority deadline, with a final deadline of February 15. 

Susan Adams Memorial Scholarship

The family and friends of Susan Adams have established a scholarship in her memory. The amount of the scholarship will be credited toward tuition for the recipient. Although any worthy student is eligible to receive the scholarship, preference in selection will be given to out-of-state students who are children of Tech graduates.

Arkansas Tech Faculty/Staff Scholarship

This scholarship was established to benefit faculty, staff, or dependents of faculty/staff enrolled in classes at Arkansas Tech University.  Any full-time or part-time student who is eligible for the Aid for On-Campus Study program and has submitted a “Faculty Staff Waiver” through Arkansas Tech is eligible.  This scholarship is non-renewable for the following semester, although recipient is eligible to reapply in subsequent years.

Charles and Carol Lee Ketcheside Scholarship

Scholarships will be granted each year that funds are sufficient to a full-time student who is in good academic standing and has demonstrated financial need.

M. E. Maxwell Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded each year funds are sufficient to a student who has been a Pope County resident for a minimum of five years, has an ACT composite score of 21 or above, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, is a full-time student, and demonstrates financial need. Recipients may re-apply for subsequent years.

Harold and Jackie Neal Scholarship

A scholarship awarded each year that funds are sufficient to a deserving Arkansas Tech University student who demonstrates financial need and is making acceptable academic progress.

Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

This scholarship was established to benefit non-traditional students at Arkansas Tech University.  The recipient will be a non-traditional student, aged 23 years or older, and maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Anita Page Memorial Scholarship

The recipient of this scholarship must work a designated number of hours per week in a department related to the student’s major.

Joe Murphy Undergraduate History Award

The recipient of this award will be selected by a History Department Paper Prize Award Committee. It is open to any student enrolled in an undergraduate History course at Arkansas Tech, regardless of major, during the current award cycle.  Students should submit a scholarly paper written during the current award cycle in a History class at Arkansas Tech.  Specific Submission Guidelines are available from Department of History and Political Science.

Tate Page Family Scholarship

The family of the late Dr. Tate Page has endowed a scholarship in his memory which will be awarded annually.

Davidson Roy Scholarship

Awarded each year that funds are sufficient, this scholarship will be awarded to students who have a proven record of academic achievement and demonstrated financial need.

Russellville Noon Lions Club Scholarship

A scholarship will be awarded to a local student who exhibits academic ability, leadership, and financial need. Recipient will be required to attend a meeting of Russellville Noon Lions Club.

Russellville Rotary Club Scholarship

A scholarship is awarded each year to a Pope County student. Applications may be made each summer to the Rotary Club through any of its members.

Mary Teresa Shinn Scholarship

The scholarship is given in memory of Mary Teresa Shinn.

Vance Family Scholarship

The annual scholarship will be awarded when funds are sufficient.

Eugene and Hazel Weir Educational Trust

This scholarship was established to provide scholarships to qualified Arkansas Tech University students from Pope County, Arkansas. Mrs. Weir graduated from Atkins High School, attended Arkansas Tech and then went on to teach in Pope County schools for 48 years, including many years in Russellville.

Ted and Betty Williams Scholarship

In honor of Ted and Betty Williams, this scholarship has been established to provide scholarships during the fall and spring semesters for students who demonstrate financial need, maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, enroll in and successfully complete a minimum of fifteen hours each semester, and exhibit leadership potential as demonstrated by extracurricular achievements. Scholarship recipients from one year will be eligible to re-apply for subsequent years. Applicants must submit a written application to the Director of Enrollment Management in a process that will be administered by the Office of Academic Affairs. This scholarship requires a separate application which is available through the Admissions Office in the Robert and Jill Brown Building.

Junior Auxiliary of Russellville Judy Thacker

This scholarship is open to any major at any level in their undergraduate career that has a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75. Preference will be given to a non-traditional student. Awards will be made each year that funds are sufficient. Applications will be available for pick-up in the Office of Development, Administration Building room 209, the middle of February. A separate application must be completed for each scholarship for which you would like to be considered. Only the Junior Auxiliary of Russellville Scholarship Application will be considered. The application must be submitted to the address on the application.

Dickson Family Scholarship

This scholarship, set up to honor Dorothy Dickson, will be awarded each year funds are sufficient to a traditional or non-traditional student who graduated from Western Yell County High School. If there are no eligible applicants, secondary preference will go to any student who graduated high school in Yell County. If there are no eligible students from Yell County, then applicants from Perry, Logan, Johnson, or Pope County will be considered. Student must demonstrate the potential to succeed by having a minimum cumulative 3.0 high school GPA and an ACT composite score at or above the national average score, if applicant is an incoming freshman or minimum cumulative 2.6 GPA or higher for current college students. Student must demonstrate financial need and complete a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester. All majors will be considered. However, all other criteria equal, preference will be given to education majors.

Entergy Retirees Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the retirees of Entergy and shall be awarded each year funds are available to full-time junior or senior level student who demonstrates financial need and maintains a cumulative 3.0 GPA.  This scholarship shall be awarded for one semester and is not renewable for subsequent semesters.  The scholarship will be awarded to the following majors on a rotating basis:  mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, chemistry, accounting, and emergency management.

Pardie and Alice Parker and Willie and Ernestine Boone Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor the Parkers and Boones by Helen Parker Boone. This scholarship shall be awarded in the fall semester each year that funds are available to an African-American student who is a full-time student and demonstrates financial need.