Student Affairs Administration Stats

About the Program


In 2002, the SAA department included a half-time non-tenure track faculty member and a student worker. Today, the department faculty and staff include 4 full-time faculty (with one faculty member assuming the role of Department Head, which began in 2009), 1 administrative faculty member, 1 full-time administrative assistant, 3 regular adjunct professors, and 7 graduate assistants.

In 2003, the department began offering CSP 1013, Principles of Collegiate Success. This was the university's first college success course. Today, 20 full semester and 3 mid-term sections are offered to over 700 students.  Starting in the fall of 2015, the SAA Department assumed responsibility for the curriculum and oversight of the TECH 1001 (Orientation to the University) course.  

The department founded the first graduate level organization at ATU in 2004. The Student Affairs Administration Association has been actively supporting the development of SAA students since, providing professional development opportunities on a variety of topics and providing networking opportunities for all members.  

Student Learning Outcomes
  • SAA students will be able to demonstrate mastery and application of foundational and professional studies.
  • SAA students will demonstrate professional behavior in carrying out student services work.
  • SAA graduates will obtain employment in the field of student services.
  • Online students will perform at the same level as on campus students.