How to Install the Cisco NAC Agent Using Windows 7

  1. Make sure that your Ethernet cable is plugged into the Ethernet port on the wall and in the Ethernet port on your computer.

  2. Open 'Internet Explorer.' You should be redirected to the Tech login page.

  3. Enter your OneTech username (not your T-number) and your OneTech password.

  4. Click 'Continue'

  5. Click 'Allow' on the Internet Security Window (if prompted)

  6. Click 'Launch Cisco NAC Windows Agent X.X.X.XX'

  7. You may need to click the yellow drop down box

  8. If you have to click the yellow drop down box, click 'Install This Add-On...'

  9. Click 'Retry'

  10. An installation window will pop up. Click 'Next'

  11. Accept the End User License Agreement

  12. Click 'Next'

  13. On the Setup Type, Complete is already marked so click 'Next'

  14. To begin the installation, click 'Install'

  15. After a few moments, the installation will be complete. Click 'Finish'

  16. The Cisco login page should pop up, prompting you to sign in.If you have any problems installing the Cisco NAC Agent, please contact the Campus Support Center at 479.968.0646 or at