How to Install the Cisco NAC Agent Using Mac

(Please note that you must be running Mac OS 10.4 or higher)

  1. Make sure that your Ethernet cable is plugged into the Ethernet port on the wall and in the Ethernet port on your computer.

  2. Open 'Safari.' You should be redirected to the Tech login page.

  3. Enter your OneTech username (not your T-number) and your OneTech password.

  4. Click 'Continue'

  5. Click 'Download Cisco NAC Agent X.X.X.XXX'

  6. Double click the 'CCAAgent_MacOSX.tar' file that opened in the Downloads Window

  7. Double click the 'CCAAgent.pkg' icon that appears in the Downloads Folder(To get to the Downloads Folder, open a 'Finder' Window > open Downloads Folder)

  8. The Cisco Clean Access Agent Installer window opens up. Click 'Continue'

  9. This opens the Read Me File. Click 'Continue'

  10. This opens the Destination Select Window. Click on your hard drive space

  11. Click 'Continue'

  12. This opens the Installation Type Window. Click 'Install'

  13. After a couple of moments, the installation should finish. This should open the Summary Window. This tells you whether or not the installation was successful.

  14. Click 'Close'

  15. This should bring up the Cisco NAC Agent Login Page, prompting you to login

If you have any problems installing the Cisco NAC Agent, please contact the Campus Support Center at 479.968.0646 or at