Our Staff

The Tech Office of Residence Life utilizes a variety of staff members to provide our students with a living environment that best serves their needs.

In addition to our administrative staff in the Office of Residence Life, we also have Area Coordinators, two full-time professional live-in staff members. Our Area Coordinators each live on campus and supervise our para-professional and student staff members to ensure the best possible service to the residents of the halls.

Our Resident Directors are undergraduate and graduate students who have displayed a true commitment to providing a rich, conducive living environment for our students. These students have direct supervision over our resident assistants and office workers and should be utilized by the resident of their halls due to their vast knowledge of community living on the Tech campus.

The Resident Assistant (RA) is the community facilitator living within each community with the students. The RA is an upperclassman that is specially trained to work with residents. The RA is responsible for developing a sense of community on the floor. The RA plans/facilitates programs, is responsible for administrative work on the floor, and acts as a mentor and advisor to their residents. In cooperation with the students, the RA enforces the policies and procedures in the residence halls.

One of the first people each student will meet when they arrive at Arkansas Tech in their Resident Assistant. Each RA has met special criteria (2.5 GPA or higher, residence hall living experience, and is in good standing with the University) and has been trained to best promote community development. In conjunction with the Residence Hall Association, the RA will hold floor and wing meetings throughout the year to keep students up to date on campus and residence hall events. They will help facilitate programming to enhance students academic experience outside of the classroom. They are also a resource person for the residents and are available to assist them in any and all facets of their college experience.