Resorts & Recreation LLC

The Resorts & Recreation Living Learning Community (LLC) will be located in M Street. The Resorts & Recreation LLC provides students seeking a career in Parks, Recreation, Hospitality Administration an academically-focused space where they can come together and engage in conversation, events, and co-curricular activities to refine skills in multiple areas, including general business, management, finance, marketing, leadership, law, computer science and more.


Quick Facts

Who: Hospitality and Parks & Recreation Majors
Where: M Street
1st Year Course(s): HA 1001 or RP1001
Advisor(s): Susan West & Dr. Jay Post


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What to Expect
  • Greater sense of belonging
  • Opportunities to serve in leadership positions
  • Greater collaboration on group projects
  • Opportunities to expand social and communication skills
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Did You Know?
  • Students participating in the Resorts & Recreation LLC will engage in activities including challenge courses, conferences, special training opportunities/certifications, monthly programs and unique experiential learning opportunities.


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Quick Facts

RP 1001 (Parks and Recreation) and HA 1001 (Hospitality Administration) are introduction courses taken by students new to these fields of study.

 Spring semester RP 2033 is a culmination of theory of study and the bonding course for all the LLC students. It is also a leadership course that prepares both groups for excellence within their field. 


past participant
Past Participant Testimonies

"It was an experience that I am glad to have had because I was able to get to know other students in my major even before we've had classes together. I feel as though the LLC is so important because of the community that we already have in the department. I believe that the LLC improves our drive to attend classes and stick with the program because we are able to understand that we are not in this alone and we can all help each other out." - Alyssa


  Resorts & Recreation LLC


Susan West
Assistant Professor of Hospitality Administration
404 N. El Paso / Russellville, AR 72801


Dr. Jay Post
Assistant Professor of Recreation and Park Administration
404 N. El Paso / Russellville, AR 72801

Phone: (479) 356-6205


Phone: (479) 968-0386