Civic Engagement LLC


Students who are interested in politics, service, non-profits, social justice, economic development, and so much more can come together and share their enthusiasm for civic engagement. Students will learn about all aspects of civic engagement, meet with leaders in various roles within civic engagement, and go on excursions to learn more hands on information.



Who: Any Incoming freshmen
Where: M Street 
Course(s): TBD
Advisor(s): Kara Johnson


Network in Community
What to Expect
  • Private study hours
  • Excursions
  • Networking with leaders in the field
  • Traveling to learn first-hand about civic engagement
building a house
Did you know?
  • Participants will enrolled in a common fall and spring course. Both are introductory classes, and both will serve the purpose of engaging students in social justice, community service, etc.


Civic Engagement LLC


Kara Johnson
Coordinator of Leadership and Service
Campus Life in Doc Bryan 233 / Russellville, AR 72801

Phone: (479) 968-0280