Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Mission: To provide learning experiences that connect residents to the ATU community, aid in academic readiness, and help students persist to graduation.

Vision: Establish a residential community built on interdependence that fosters experiential learning and identity development, through faculty facilitated activities and peer led residential programming. 

What are Living Learning Communities or LLCs?

Our Living Learning Communities are a group of incoming freshmen students who share a common interest, live together in the same building/floor, and enroll in the same course associated with a specific LLC. LLCs give students the opportunity to engage deeply with their common academic course, blend learning across multiple disciplines, develop relationships with peers/administrators, and ease the transition to college. LLCs are an optional, highly beneficial experience; research shows that students who enroll in them earn higher GPAs and graduate at higher rates than non-LLC participants.

Why should I join?

  • More likely to stay in college and graduate
  • More likely to achieve higher academic standing with exclusive academic support initiatives
  • Easier access to faculty
  • Unique exclusive opportunities:
    • Major specific programs and services, conference attendance opportunities, study abroad opportunities,  travel away, LLC specific tutors, faculty access, specialty labs, connections to alumni and potential career opportunities/internships
      • *Exclusive opportunities vary from LLC to LLC*


ATU Living Learning Communities (LLCs)


Civic Engagement


La Casa

Mary B. Gunter Leadership

Resorts & Recreation

University Honors



  •  What is a Living Learning Community (LLC)?
    Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are exciting new options in the residence halls of Arkansas Tech University. LLCs are communities in designated residence halls for students with a shared academic focus or similar interests. Students in the LLC will be assigned to the same area in a residence hall. They may take a core course together, and they have access to additional social and educational opportunities.
  •  Where are the LLCs located?
    We have Living Learning Communities located in four halls on campus: Baswell Hall, Hughes Hall, Jones Hall, and M Street Hall. LLCs are generally assigned to a specific floor. See descriptions of each LLC above for more details. 
  •  What are the benefits of living in an LLC?
    LLCs give students the opportunity to live in an academically focused living environment to excel the academic and social experience of living on campus. Students living in LLCs will create long-lasting relationships with students who have similar interests and career goals. 
  •  Who is eligible to live in an LLC?
    All LLCs have different requirements to be considered to live in the communities. Most of our LLCs require a student to have declared a specific major/college program to be considered in an LLC. Please see the individual LLC pages above for more details. 
  •  How do I sign up?
    Indicate on your initial housing application or during your housing sign up time.
  •  How will I enroll in the classes?
    You will be automatically enrolled in the course when you sign up.