Extended Stay


Do you need to stay on campus over winter break or when the spring term is over? We have some housing options for you at affordable rates. All students needing to stay after the halls close must request extended stay through Roompact (click below).


Request Extended Stay


Spring 2019 Extended Stay

Residence Halls close on May 07 at 9pm. In order to remain in room after that date, students must request extended stay.

May 7 at 9 pm to May 12 at noon.

Nightly Rates:

 Location/Type Single Double Triple Quad

 Brown, Hughes, Turner, and Wilson

$18.98 $15.44 na $13.90
 Jones & Tucker $21.01 $17.47 na na
 Baswell, M Street, Nutt, Stadium Suites, and Paine $24.52 $20.98 $18.89  na
 Caraway $19.97 $16.43 $14.78  na
 University Commons 4- Bedroom Apartment

$26.77 na  na   na
 University Commons 2- Bedroom Apartment $33.26 na  na   na
 Vista Place (4-bedroom) Apartment $26.77 na   na  na


Billing: Students will receive notification via email of the amout of their extended stay. This amount will be charged to their account the second week of May. 

Extended Stay Charge Exemption: All students must fill out an extended stay form whether they are exempted from charges or not. The following students qualify for a waiver for extended stay:

- Graduating students from all halls and apartments. The last graduation ceremony is on May 11 at 6 pm. Graduates must check out by May 12 at noon. Charges will apply after that.

- Students participating in university functions (athletics, band, presidential cabinet, etc.)

-RAs working for Residence Life in some capacity.

Requesting Extended Stay:

  1. Go to Roompact.com
  2. Log in with ATU credentials
  3. Click on Forms
  4. Select Spring 2019 Extended Stay Form
  5. Complete and submit