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Department of Residence Life 
Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 153
1605 Coliseum Drive
Russellville, AR 72801

Phone: (479) 968-0376
Fax: (479) 968-2124
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Break Duty Contact Information

Residents experiencing  issues must contact the break duty number corresponding to their area for help.


Package Delivery Information

If you need a package sent that cannot be sent to your post office box, please mail to:

Attn: (Student Name)
Arkansas Tech University
1605 Coliseum Dr.
Suite 153
Russellville, AR 72801

The Department of Residence Life will contact you as soon as a package is delivered to the office.


Residence Halls Contact Information


Baswell Hall/Stadium Suites
1204 N El Paso Avenue
Office: (479)356-2199
Duty: (479)692-9468

Brown Hall
501 W O Street
Office: (479)880-4178
Duty: (479)567-6207

Caraway Hall
1403 N Arkansas Avenue
Office: (479)880-4250
Duty: (479)747-9974

Doc Bryan Student Services Building
1605 Coliseum Drive
Suite 153
Office: (479)968-0376

Jones Hall
1804 N Boulder Avenue
Office: (479)356-2094
Duty: (479)567-1456

M Street Hall
508 W M Street
Office: (479)880-4027
Duty: (479)747-8254

Nutt Hall
1505 N El Paso Avenue
Office: (479)880-4185
Duty: (479)264-7504

Paine Hall
1704 N Glenwood Avenue
Office: (479)880-4870
Duty: (479)567-0825

Turner Hall
504 West O Street
Office: (479)880-4799
Duty: (479)747-8676

University Commons Apartments/ Vista Place
1705 Coliseum Drive
Office: (479) 880-4056
Duty: (479) 747-8739

Wilson/Tucker Hall
502 W M Street
Office: (479)356-2100
Duty: (479)747-3765

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