Two Year Residency Policy


Arkansas Tech University has a two year live on experience. Students between the ages of 18 and 21, and with fewer than 60 earned credit hours of college work (excluding high school concurrent credit), who are Russellville campus students are required to live on campus or in their parent or legal guardian’s permanent home within a 30-mile radius. Students who are married, are parents, or have extenuating circumstances can request exemption from this policy. 


Requests for Exemption to the 2-Year Residency Policy

Students seeking an exemption are expected to complete the Residency Exemption Request Form below, check the appropriate reason for this request and provide all necessary documentation specified on the form. The form and accompanying documentation can be submitted using one of the methods listed on the form.

Request for exemption must be completed prior to signing a housing contract and is due by:

The Residence Life Exemption Committee reviews requests on a monthly basis during the regular academic year and weekly summer terms. Requests and all documentation must be received within 24 hours of the committee meeting or the case will be moved to the following month. The Committee reviews all documentation submitted and their decision is final. Only the information you submit in writing will be considered when reviewing your request.

Once your application is reviewed by the Department of Residence life you will be notified via your ATU email regarding the outcome of your exemption request.

The exemption request form is now available in a digital format through the housing portal. Click below to access it. Students must log into the housing portal with their OneTech user name and password.





Only those students whose parent/legal guardian lives within the 30 miles of Arkansas Tech University, will be allowed to commute. If outside the 30 mile radius please complete the Residence Life Exemption Form.  To receive commuter status, students must submit:

 To access the commuter request, log into the housing portal with OneTech user name and password. All documents can be downloaded and uploaded through the portal.





Note: A residence life exemption or commuter status are needed for scholarships to apply. There will be no automatic exemptions or commuter status granted except to students who lived on the ATU campus at least 4 semester and providing they did not sign a housing contract for the term in question.