Specific Procedures

All proposals being submitted through Arkansas Tech University, including those being processed through the National Science Foundation's FastLane, must be processed through the internal procedures approved by Arkansas Tech University for grant proposal submission. A Sponsored Programs Approval Form (available through this link in Microsoft Word format) will guide you through the internal approval process. Please allow yourself enough time to secure the necessary approvals before the deadline for submitting the grant.

For grants which involve salary funds, matching funds, or indirect costs, contact Linda Johnson, Budget Director, at ljohnson@atu.edu for assistance. In addition to the approval form described above, a grant that requires matching funds also requires a "Matching Funds Memo". The Matching Funds Memo must be attached to document the source of the funds, including a budget code from which the matching funds will be expended, and it must be signed by the Department Head, Dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Documenting the source and amount of matching funds committed to the grant alleviates any problem of the administration (Department Heads, Deans, etc.) being unaware of how much is being committed and for what purpose. It also prevents over-committing funds that the Department or School may not have.

The Budget Office offers many services associated with grant acquisition and can help you through each stage of the process, specifically as it relates to budgetary items such as salaries, matching funds, indirect costs and general budgetary negotiations.

If your research will include the use of human subjects, please refer to the human subjects page for additional information including the necessary forms and approvals.